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High quality Software Apps to meet your Business needs



Extremely high quality websites rendering a smart web presence for the clients providing numerous useful features and reporting tools for the clients alongwith coupling their end users to interact and access the facilities and support intended for them. Annexed CMS for the designated administrator of the website to manage every content of the web pages without having to depend upon the hosting provider to implement day-to-day changes and alterations in the pages.



Completely dynamic mobile applications to render good on iOS, Android and Windows smart mobile phones representing the relevant information access to the end users and providing feel of the actual and highlighted services by the client. At the same time providing the administrator a web-based access to the root data through a secure login and enable to manage information on the fly. Hence, the mobile users access the most recent offers on their mobiles instantly.



Be it any domain - Real Estate, Education, Shipping & Cargo, Advertising & Marketing, Print & Digital Media, Ecommerce, Back Process Office, Banking & Finance, Retail Market, Builder Groups, Clinics, Hospitals, Ayurvaidic Centers, Security Agencies, etc.. We deliver custom software developed for each with high quality and extremely user friendly UI. At the same time, deployment with embeded security encryptions is our usual practice to ensure cyber safety.



Almost all major projects involve dependencies from various 3rd party API's like Payment Gateways, GeoLocation API's, SMS Packs, etc. We have a fine history of getting Joint Ventures / collaborations done among 2-3 parties each of whom individually does not fit one part and fits in the other area, to get the entire project put on roll. Once integrated, the API's become an intrisic part of the main software product and function in tendem to achieve the objective.



We also create specific API's for the clients who wish to distribute the API's to others to use in various aspects of the software development. It includes a wide range of applications from non-secure http API's to highly secured SSL enabled encrypted API's. These API's usually are designed to provide a specific functionality across all platforms, irrespective of the language used by the end product. These are usually environment independent in all operations.



For a variety of domains like Real Estate, Education, Shipping & Cargo, Advertising & Marketing, Print & Digital Media, Ecommerce, BPO, Retail Market, Builder Groups, Clinics, Hospitals, Ayurvaidic Centers, Security Agencies, etc.. We deliver generic software developed for generic use for each domain with high quality and extremely user friendly User Interface. At the same time, cyber safety is kept at the top most priority to ensure data safety and confidentiality.

Real Estate
This is a web application that syncs the ERP-SAP based entire inventory of the company to the web so that it can be used by various Resource Managers, Brokers and Channel Partners even outside the company premises (i.e. Outside the Local Intranet), hence boosts the unit sales for the company. This eliminates the need for the CP / RM to be present in the office.

Educational Institutions
This is an intranet application developed for the school staff including the teachers, accountants, management for doing various tasks centrally and hence saves time and human efforts. The Cash Expenditures, School Fee collection through various channels, Student’s attendance marking, TC Generation, Producing Report Cards, a few of the modules to count.

Travel Agency
This is a web application developed for booking flights, trains, hotels and the holiday packages both Domestic and International. The invoicing system is another part in it from where auto-invoice generation and tracking of payments (due, partial and full payments) is done. It produces summarized chart reports for amounts due and total revenue generated, etc.

Shipping & Cargo
This web based application tracks each and every enquiry from pre-sales to the closure until it gets marked as closed. It includes initiation, follow-ups, quotation, stage-tracking and future reference-sale, from where it again loops through the process. It also includes the DSR, Customized Enquiry Reporting, Follow-up Alerts, and data linkage to the second system.

In the broadest sense, this basically is the school website, which however does many more works than a traditional website does. It has controlled access for the Teachers, Parents, Students, Alumni, Administrator, Principal. Overall, it has more than 100 modules in it. It's a bunch of applications which includes the school's dynamic website along with the specially designed CMS.

Housing Societies
This is a web based application which facilitates the management committee members of the RWA’s to do day-to-day tasks in a systematic manner and also has access to individual resident of the respective housing society. Sending alerts, auto-calculating the pending dues, tracking payments, booking facilities, cash management, are few features to count in the application.

Coatching & Tuitors
This web based application can be used by an organization who is engaged in the business of alloting home tutors to the students seeking assistance in specific subject(s) a particular geographic location. The application is useful for both the students who are looking for tuitors and for the tutors who need students for their classes or for providing the home tutions.

Our Works & Products

Over the past decade, since 2010, we have been helping clients with domain-specific technology solutions. We have successfully delivered high quality software solutions to meet our client's custom requirements in a wide range of domains ranging from Educational institutions to Asset Tracking Companies and Real estate Gaints to Shipping & Cargo Organizations. We work on a range of technologies Java (J2EE), .Net, PHP, MySQL Server, JS, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Node JS, JQuery & Web Designing Tools. Our specialization ranges from Software Development, Web Designing, Custom Web Applications Development, Mobile Apps Development, Web Hosting & Domain Services

School Management Software

School Administration

This section controls the documentation pertaining to the school and also works like a Digi-Locker for the school, where all important items can be placed.

Students Management

This is the master repository for the students in the school. The Administrator has access to this and has permission to alter it as and when required.

Teachers & Staff Management

This is the master repository for the employees in the school, both Teaching and Non-teaching Staff members. The Administrator has access to this.

Fees Management

This central module enables to manage fee structure for various classes, categories, heads and the fee concessions for certain students.

Report Cards Management

This Marks Manager cum Report Card Generator is accessible to all subject and class teachers in a controlled manner. Exam wise marks can be updated with auto calculated grades.

Students & Staff Attendance

This module is dedicated to the attendance marking of the students and the staff members. Time restrictions make it safe to ensure timely attendance marking.

Transfer Certificates Generator

From here, the Transfer Certificates can be produced to the leaving students and also be posted to the school's website directly for direct fetching.

Events Management

Events can be posted in the Calendar and made available to the students and staff members. Holidays or Function details can also be annexed with each Event.

New Admissions Management

This module is for the new students seeking admission in the school. If the process involves screening of the candidates then alerts can be posted to them.

Homeworks & Assignments

Home assignments can be posted by the Subject Teachers for holidays. Attachments (Word/Excel/PDF) can also be posted for subjects like Maths and Biology.

Time Table Management

Weekly Time Tables can be set for each class by the respective Class Teachers and posted for the Students. Time tables can also be altered with arrangements.

Library Management

This module deals with the complete automation of the School Library, which includes Books Issuing and Book Locating facilities in the library.

SMS Broadcaster

This module is directly linked to the master Student & Staff database and hence SMS can be broadcasted to either everyone or to certain group of people.

Custom Reports

Reports based on all relevant parameters can be fetched from various sections of the application and also can be exported to Excel or PDF formats.

Activity Logger

This module answers the question Who did What and When? Every action taken by any type of user is recorded in the Acion Log for future reference.

User Management

This module is under the control of the Administrator and has the permission to add, suspend or delete any user (Student, Staff or Teacher)


Important Announcements and Circulars can be broadcasted to entire school or to specific classes or even to certain students.

Fees Defaulters

The school gets a clear monthly, quarterly and academic year wise list of Fees Defaulters and instant alerts can be pushed to the defaulters.

Gate Pass Manager

This section allows the school administration to issue Gate Pass to various Vendors or School Associates. Also records are kept for future referrals.

Syllabus Manager

Here the Subject Teachers post Syllabus for variour Term & other Exams throughout the year to inform the students of the classes they teach.

School Alumni

This section is dedicated to the Alumnies of the school. The Administrator has the complete control over approving received Alumni Requests.

Parent-Teacher Forum

This forum is specially useful for the scenarios like Parent-Teachers Meetings. It saves time and ensures instant communication of points.

Student-Teacher Forum

This forum can be used by students to interact with their subject / class teachers for problem solving or other discussing other issues.

Complaint Book

Log and take actions on complaints received for students, teaching & office staff members. Also keep records for future referrals.



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A CBSE Affiliated Senior Secondary School providing quality education to the children

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